Staying Connected and Safe: Using a UHF Radio

When towing a caravan and attempting to overtake a large truck on the road, clear communication and situational awareness are paramount. A UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio can be an invaluable tool in ensuring a safe overtaking maneuver. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use a UHF radio when overtaking a truck while towing a caravan, enhancing communication, and promoting safety on the road.

1. Coordinate with Your Travel Companions:

Before initiating the overtaking maneuver, establish communication with your travel companions using the UHF radio. Ensure they are aware of your intention to overtake the truck and provide updates on your progress. This allows your companions to adjust their speed and positioning accordingly, ensuring a smooth and coordinated overtaking process.

2. Select an Appropriate UHF Channel:

Choose a suitable UHF channel for communication during the overtaking maneuver. Use a channel that is not heavily congested to minimise interference and maximise clarity. It is advisable to have a dedicated channel for your travel group to avoid confusion with other radio users.

3. Communicate Your Intentions Clearly:

When overtaking a truck, use the UHF radio to communicate your intentions with your travel companions and any other caravanners in the vicinity. Clearly state your plan to overtake, indicating which lane you will be using and your estimated duration of the maneuver. This helps others on the road adjust their speed and positioning to accommodate your overtaking maneuver.

4. Seek Assistance and Updates:

Utilise the UHF radio to seek assistance and updates from other drivers who have recently overtaken the same truck. They can provide valuable information about road conditions, the truck's behavior, or any potential hazards encountered during their overtaking maneuver. This shared knowledge can help you make informed decisions and approach the overtaking maneuver with increased confidence.

5. Maintain Open Communication:

Maintain open communication with your travel companions throughout the overtaking maneuver. Relay any changes in the truck's behavior, unexpected obstacles, or emerging traffic situations promptly. This ensures everyone is aware of the evolving conditions and can adjust their driving accordingly, promoting a safer overtaking experience.

6. Acknowledge Clearances and Blind Spots:

When overtaking a truck, be mindful of its clearances and blind spots. Use the UHF radio to communicate to your travel companions when you have successfully cleared the truck's front or rear. This information allows them to make informed decisions and adjust their own positioning to maintain a safe distance.

7. Monitor Traffic Conditions:

Continuously monitor the UHF radio for any updates or alerts from other drivers regarding oncoming traffic or potential hazards ahead. Timely communication about approaching vehicles can help you adjust your speed and timing, ensuring a safe overtaking maneuver.

8. Express Gratitude and Courtesy:

After completing the overtaking maneuver, use the UHF radio to express gratitude and courtesy to other drivers who provided assistance or shared information during the process. This helps foster a sense of community and goodwill among fellow caravanners on the road.


When overtaking a truck while towing a caravan, a UHF radio becomes a valuable communication tool for maintaining coordination, sharing information, and promoting safety. By utilising the UHF radio effectively, you can enhance communication with your travel companions, seek assistance from other drivers, and stay informed about the evolving traffic conditions. Remember, clear and concise communication, situational awareness, and mutual respect among road users are crucial for a successful and safe overtaking maneuver. Stay connected, communicate responsibly, and prioritise safety as you navigate the roads with your caravan.